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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So Sorry...

I know, I know... it's been MONTHS since my last post.

The horrible truth is, I had strongly considered just giving up the whole blogging thing entirely.

Actually, I suppose that's exactly what I DID do, at least for a while.

You know how it is. Getting a new business off the ground isn't easy, and it's VERY time consuming, to boot.

But after watching the news night after night, and watching the nation suffer through a whole new batch of unbelievable douchebags, I could remain silent no more. My apathy now evaporated, the anger is starting to bubble to the surface again.

So expect a whole new batch of douchebags and heroes in the coming months. The douchebag report is on the case, again... which means these douchebags WILL be on the record.

As always, if you have any douchebag-related stories you think deserve attention, please contact me, and I will be more than happy to review them.

And as always... happy hunting!!!


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