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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Ward Churchill

With an act of unparalelled douchebaggery, Mr. Ward Churchill once again tops the list.
And yes, that's "Mr. Churchill", not "Professor Churchill".
I'll reserve the honorofics for those who've actually earned it, thank you very much.

Those who've been paying attention will remember Mr Churchill as the disgraced University of Colorado Professor of Ethnic Studies whose disgusting comments about the 9/11 World Trade Center victims got national press, and the unwashed adulation of mindless liberal sheep everywhere.

Of course, the notoriety came at a price to Chruchill.

Now a public figure, he could no longer hide in the shadows, hoping his "academic accomplishments" went unquestioned and uninvestigated.

It wasn't long before his claims of Native American ancestry were completely debunked, his "artistic" work uncovered as plagiarized, and his "academic" work revealed as totally fraudulent.
Churchill was investigated by UofC's Investigative Committee, a subcommittee of the Standing Committee on Research Misconduct. The committee agreed unanimously that Churchill had engaged in "serious research misconduct," including four counts of falsifying information, two counts of fabricating information, two counts of plagiarizing the works of others, improperly reporting the results of studies, and failing to “comply with established standards regarding author names on publications.” In addition, the committee found him "disrespectful of Indian oral traditions."

But, of course, being a tenured far-left professor at a far-left University does allow you a significant berth of leeway... and so Churchill remains, to this day, on the UofC rolls. Did I expect anything else? No, not really... but one can hope.

So what we have here is an established douchebag, who apparently saw his star as fading, and so decided to remind the world that he still remains... well... a douchebag.

At Baltimore's "Mid-Atlantic Radical book fair" (Yeah, it actually exists. They can read. Go figure.) on the 4th of July, while the rest of the country was celebrating our independence, and the sacrifices made by far braver men and women of the military who bought that for us with their blood, Churchill was addressing the small group in attendance. (Okay, so some of them can read.)
During his episode of appearance, which was filmed by a documentary group from Walking Eagle Productions, Churchill tried to rally the dupes with his typical doped-up-iguana-like charm. Even his core supporters were noteably unimpressed, returning only a smattering of grudging applause and half-hearted chuckling.
So Ward apparently decided he needed to get plain-ole' ig-nent, and take another dip from the 9/11 victims well.

Churchill chuckled over the hijacking of the 9/11 flights. His eyes glazing over with joyful reminisence, he noted,
"You do remember, the incident which the terrorists overpowered the stewardess
on the aircraft and tweezed her eyebrows with his tweezers, until she screamingly
submitted to fly the plane into a building remember that one?"
"Tweezers… tweezed into submission."

One can just imagine him reclining afterward and sighing, "ahh.... good times. Good times."

Seriously... what the fuck is wrong with this guy?

He's so fucking wrong on so many fucking levels... it's hard to believe he's even an actual human being. I'd find him more believeable as some badly-written, hand-wringing, moustache twirling villain in an old cartoon somewhere.

I take that back. Snidely Whiplash was never as two-dimensional as this piece of shit.

Final Judgement: LEVEL 4 DOUCHEBAG!


Blogger The AmeriBrain said...

Agreed. Complete douchebag. This prick should be hung up by his toenails.

7:08 AM  
Blogger The Douchebag Report said...

Not a bad idea. Maybe we could buy him a ticket to one of the those wonderful islamofacist paradises he likes to defend. Though it's against our nature to do such a thing, I think Ward will learn fast that those peace-loving noble freedom-fighters have no such reservations.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Jimp said...

Never heard of this guy untill now. looks a bit of a crafty butcher (takes his meat round the back) if you ask me. it's a pity you cant wind back time and put him on the plane just to see how born again hard he is.If you ask me, I bet he would suffer a sudden bout of reflex anal dilation. Twats like him shouldnt talk the talk unless they can walk the walk and they should look at themselves before they comment on others. If they did they might just keep their gobs shut and leave the rest of the world in blissfull peace.

1:24 AM  
Blogger The Douchebag Report said...

Gotta hand it to you brits. You sure know how to turn a phrase.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This shit-stain has finally been exposed for the nitwit he is and he has the gall to be angry. I saw the report about him on O'Reilly and he reacted with indignation and anger when his artistic "talents" were proved to be copies. What a fucking douchebag. Also, being 1/4 Cherokee and able to document it with BIA information I think this asshole needs to do a "Sundance" ritual to prove his "Indian Heritage". And I don't mean a movie with Redford in Utah either.

5:59 AM  

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